Managing your e-waste is easy with EverLoop

EverLoop by SAP aims to empower every business on the planet to achieve zero waste.

How EverLoop by SAP helps managing your e-waste responsibly and with ease

Trustworthy B2B platform
Easily get in contact with only certified stakeholders across the waste value chain for best e-waste management and ethical sourcing of secondary raw materials.
Hassle-free documentation management
Generate and find all supporting documents like weighbridge bills, delivery challans, photos and other transaction documents in one place.
Personalized sustainability dashboard
Track your activities, including metrics for sustainability and carbon footprint.

We want to empower every business on the planet to achieve zero waste by connecting stakeholders across the waste value chain to enable the circular economy, with transparency and traceability.

Our platform delivers value

End-to-end waste management

Thanks to our network of certified disposal and recycling partners, we meet even the most complex requirements for a successful circular economy.

Single source of truth

We strengthen transparency and traceability by bringing the fragmented market onto a single platform.

Flexible hybrid network

All companies on our platform can choose vendors from a public network, include a private network, or a combination of both.

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